ICD-9 020; ICD-10 A20

1994 Plague Surveillance In Texas

During calendar year 1994, *sera from 1851 animals were tested for plague antibodies by the Texas Department of Health Laboratory, Microbiology Division, Serology Branch. Fiftyone (2.76%) of the specimens tested were seropositive (titer >1:32) for plague. In addition to serosurveillance, 22 tissue and/or ectoparasites samples from six counties were submitted to the Centers for Disease Control, Plague Laboratory, Fort Collins Colorado, for examination. A single prairie dog from Comal County yielded plague positive results. This was one prairie dog of a group of 50 collected from Cochran County and later transported to Comal County for resale. After a five week period, only 15 of the original 50 prairie dogs remained alive.  

1994 Plague Seropositive Carnivores

 County Coyote Gray Fox Kit Fox Bobcat Raccoon Total
Glasscock      1
Hudspeth 20  1   21
Jones     1 1
Mitchell 4     4
Runnels 1     1
Taylor 18   2  20
Val Verde  1    1
Williamson  1    1
Zavala 1     1
Total 45 2 1 2 1 51

Plague 94

* Sera is extracted from Nobuto strips primarily collected and submitted by U.S.D.A. and Texas Animal Damage Control personnel; other submitters include municipal animal control agencies and private trappers. Because T.D.H. depends upon the interest of individual collectors, some counties are sampled heavily and some not at all.