ICD-9 020; ICD-10 A20

1995 Plague Surveillance In Texas

During calendar year 1995, *sera from 2,206 animals from 94 counties were tested for plague (Yersinia pestis) antibodies by the Texas Department of Health Laboratory, Microbiology Division, Serology Branch. Seventeen (1%) of the specimens tested were seropositive (titer 1:32) for plague.

In addition to serosurveillance, 13 tissue and/or ectoparasite samples from two counties were submitted to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Plague Laboratory, Fort Collins, Colorado, for examination. None of the above samples tested positive for plague.  

1995 Plague Seropositive Carnivores

 County Coyote Bobcat RaccoonGray Fox Total
Baylor  1   1
Brewster  2 1 2 5
Culberson    1
Glasscock1    1
Hudspeth4  2 6
San Patricio1    1
Taylor    1
Val Verde 1   1
Total7 5 1 4 17

Plague 95

* Sera is extracted from Nobuto strips primarily collected and submitted by U.S.D.A. and Texas Animal Damage Control personnel; other submitters include municipal animal control agencies and private trappers. Because T.D.H. depends upon the interest of individual collectors, some counties are sampled heavily and some not at all.