2018 Quality Management Documents

FY18 (WIC) Program Quality Management Evaluation Report

  • Applicable Core, Clinical and Fiscal components are included in the QMB Evaluation Report. This will be used by the QMB staff for all reviews. The QMB Evaluation Report may also be used to conduct internal quality control activities twice yearly, at a minimum. Please refer to the policy references and other resources cited on the QMB Evaluation Report for details regarding the criteria. A new feature includes Tool Tips, in the form of pop-up boxes, which will appear when hovering over most headers and criteria providing additional information and instructions. The standard statements are examples of findings that may be given. The standard statement drop-down list may also be used for training purposes; however, the list is not all-inclusive.

QMB Evaluation Report Functionality Instructions

  • Instructions for functionality features when using the QMB Evaluation Report includes guidance such as selecting multiple standard statements in various ways and viewing the selections in the “Review Finding(s) and Details” box.  

FY18 Request for Information (RFI) 

  • The purpose of the RFI is to expedite the review process by completing a desk review prior to the on-site visit. The RFI is a checklist that includes fiscal and clinical components. Prior to the review, the RFI is sent to the WIC contractor. Information on this list is submitted to QMB within six weeks.

Financial Management Worksheet FA-1

  • Financial management worksheet FA-1 should be used to complete the annual fiscal self-audit. The document includes instructions for completing the worksheet.

Food Delivery Self Audit Worksheet 

  • Food delivery worksheets FDA-1 and FDA-2 should be used to complete the food delivery self-audits every six months at all sites. The instructions for completing the worksheets are provided.  

Pre-planning Questionnaire 2018

  • This document will assist the review team prepare for the review. The document includes point of contact information, notification of leadership/key staff changes since the previous review and additional information that will assist in planning the review. 

QMB Corrective Action Plan (CAP) Template 

  • The QMB CAP template streamlines the CAP reporting process and assists agencies with creating an effective and acceptable CAP. Detailed instructions are included in the template.

For questions regarding the documents, email: QMB@hhsc.state.tx.us

Last updated August 16, 2018