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rabies virus Rabies (Lyssa) ICD-9 071; ICD-10 A82  
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• Poster Contest
   Contest Information for the Rabies Awareness & Prevention Poster contest for K-8

• Facts
   History and facts about rabies.

• Control
   Rabies control in Texas, pamphlets and programs

• Exposure
   Exposure and treatment of rabies in Texas.

• Bats
   Rabies in bats.

• Skunks
   Rabies in skunks.

• Rabies/La Rabia
   Rabies educational document in English and Spanish.

• Prevention
   Rabies prevention in Texas, pamphlets, programs, clinics and websites. Rabies Prevention in Texas includes sections on: rabies biologicals; management of biting animals; collection and submission of animal specimens for rabies testing at the DSHS laboratory in Austin; list of and contact information for DSHS-designated laboratories; management of domestic animals exposed to rabid animals; rabies postexposure prophylaxis for humans with a guide for determining if it is necessary, plus a list of and contact information for laboratories that provide RFFIT (rabies titer) testing; preexposure vaccination for humans; adverse reactions, precautions, and contraindications pertaining to rabies vaccine; distribution points for human rabies biologicals; and contact information for the Zoonosis Control Branch and Infectious Disease Control Unit.

• Facts of Interest Pertaining to Rabies (PDF)
   8 things you may not know about rabies – but should

•  The Many Faces of Rabies - Elsevier Connect
   Categories of animals and types of behaviors associated with rabies

 • Rabies:  A Comprehensive Interview with Pamela Wilson 
   Podcast on various topics pertaining to rabies (podcast may be blocked by some networks)

•  More
   Other Useful Rabies Information.