Public Health Region 1 Service Area Map & Selected County Health Facts

Selected Facts provide data on Demography, Socioeconomic Indicators, Medicaid, Natality, Communicable Diseases, Mortality, Health Professionals, Health Facilities, DSHS Program Information and Local Health Department Summary Information.

All Health Fact documents are in PDF format. Adobe Adobe® Acrobat® Reader is needed to access PDF files. (DSHS File Viewing Information)

Maternal  and Child Health

For information on a particular county, select the county below to access individual stats. Each file is a PDF.

DSHS Regional OfficesLipscombShermanDallamHansfordOchiltreeRobertsHemphillHutchinsonHartleyMoorePotterCarsonGrayWheelerOldhamRandallArmstrongCollingsworthDonleyDeaf SmithParmerCastroSwisherBriscoeChildressHallMotleyFloydHaleLambBaileyKingDickensCrosbyLubbockHockleyCochranGarzaLynnTerryYoakum

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Last updated November 29, 2017