Mumps Information


Mumps is a virus which is easily transmitted from person-to-person via cough, sneeze and saliva. There is no treatment for mumps other than treating the symptoms. The MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine is the best way to protect against mumps and it is currently recommended for children to receive it at 1 and 4-6 years of age.

Promote Healthy Habits

The best way to stop the spread of mumps is through getting vaccinated, practicing good hand washing, covering your mouth and nose when you cough/sneeze, avoid sharing food, drink, and eating utensils, and practice routine cleaning of surfaces. People should stay away from group settings if they are not feeling well. 

Detection and Investigation

Assist DSHS in identifying new cases of mumps. Public health investigation limits the spread of mumps by providing education, awareness, and testing to persons who may have mumps. To report suspected cases of mumps, call The Texas Department of State Health Services, HSR 2/3 at 817-822-6786

General Mumps Fact Sheets

Mumps Fact Sheet in English (pdf)

Mumps Fact Sheet in Spanish (pdf)

Mumps Fact Sheet in Marshallese (pdf)

Health Alerts & Advisories

Mumps Health Advisory 2/24/2017 (pdf)

Vaccine Clinic Flyer (pdf)

Mumps School End of Year Update 12/14/2016 (pdf)

Mumps Advisory 12/9/2016 (pdf)

Mumps Alert 12/1/2016 English/Spanish (pdf)

Mumps Alert 12/1/2016 Marshallese (pdf)

DSHS Health Advisory 11/30/2016 (pdf)

HSR 2/3 Health Alert 11/29/2016 (pdf)

Mumps Resources

DSHS Mumps Information

CDC Mumps Information

Last updated February 24, 2017