Texas Public Health Vaccine Scheduler (TPHVS)/Client Encounter System (CES) for Providers

COVID-19 | Coronavirus Disease 2019

What was the Texas Public Health Vaccine Scheduler (TPHVS)?

The Texas Public Health Vaccine Scheduler (TPHVS) was the public-facing side of a DSHS system that allowed Texans to sign up and schedule an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine from participating vaccine providers. This system is no longer available for registering or scheduling vaccinations.


Why use the Texas Public Health Vaccine Scheduler (TPHVS)?

  • Eligible Texans were able to request a vaccination appointment and submit the required consent forms.
  • Eligible Texans were notified when vaccines became available in their area.
  • Scheduled clients received reminders and notifications (given QR code for the event).
  • Vaccinated clients had access to their profile & vaccine record and received 2nd dose and booster reminders. 

What was the Client Encounter System (CES)?

The Client Encounter System (CES) was the provider-facing side of a DSHS system used by providers to create and manage large COVID-19 vaccination events. This system is no longer available for providers to use.

Why use the Client Encounter System (CES)?

  • Allowed providers to create vaccination events
  • Allowed providers to report the number of vaccinators and available vaccines (by type) for each event date and location
  • Allowed providers (i.e., contracted open enrollment vaccine administration teams, participating military partners, etc.) to access event rosters and event information
  • Allowed providers to send notifications (i.e., event instructions, etc.) to registered clients
  • Allowed providers to document vaccine administration in the client record
  • Allowed vaccine administration reporting by event (critical for vendor deployable vaccine team invoicing and payment)
  • Reported all doses administered to ImmTrac2 through an automated interface

What were the benefits of the TPHVS/CES system?

  • Pre-registration of upcoming vaccine events and creation of upcoming vaccine events
  • Appointment scheduling via email and SMS communication
  • Data import for immunization information into CES
  • Automated reporting of immunization information to ImmTrac2
  • Robust reporting of immunization information, events, and doses administered

What is the Texas COVID Vaccine Support Center?

It is a call center to:

  • Assist callers with locating vaccinations near them.
  • Assist with general vaccine questions.
  • Support homebound vaccination requests for those who are unable to leave their homes for vaccinations.

The call center is open Monday–Friday 8:00 am– 5:00 pm. 1-833-832-7067 


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