Regional Case Managers

This is the regional case manager's page for the Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) Services Program. The information and publications below help case managers provide support to CSHCN Services Program clients.

 Program Application Forms

New applicants who wish to apply for program benefits must fill out a Program Application (in English or Spanish) and the Physician Assessment Form (PAF).  All approved clients must renew their applications and PAF every 12 months.

 Family Support Services (FSS) Information


Family Support Services (FSS) are services that help families take care of CSHCN Services Program clients at home. These services can also help a client be more independent and able to take part in family life and community activities. FSS include:

  • Respite (care to relieve a child’s caregiver)
  • Caregiver Training
  • Special Care Supports
  • Vehicle modifications (such as wheelchair lifts and hand controls)
  • Minor home modifications (such as wheelchair ramps and wider doorways)
  • Special equipment and supplies not otherwise covered by the program or other health insurance (such as stair lifts)
  • Short term utility assistance

Benefit Limitations

Only current CSHCN Services Program clients may receive FSS. Clients served by a Medicaid home and community-based waiver program are ineligible.

Funding for FSS is limited and may not always be available. The total costs for FSS cannot be more than $3,600 per calendar year. Exceptions may be made for vehicle modifications which may be up to $7,200 once in a lifetime. For minor home modifications, families may choose to combine their annual benefit with their onetime benefit of $3,600 for a total of $7,200.

Clients must make FSS request through their case managers. FSS requires prior authorization. Approved FSS must be renewed annually.

 Family Support Services (FSS) Training


The Family Support Services (FSS) Training Module explains benefits, eligibility, authorization and provider enrollment, limitations, and the reimbursement process relative to FSS. This module is computer-based and benefits case managers, or other staff members who wish to learn more about FSS.

Visit the Texas IBIS website to learn how to request training. If you have questions, email Texas IBIS.

 Family Support Services (FSS) Request Packet

 Below are required FSS request forms and other useful publications:

Last updated May 10, 2017