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Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners Enforcement Actions – Revocations

Disciplinary actions are taken by regulatory authorities (boards, committees, programs) in response to a violation of the law or rules. Different kinds of actions may be taken depending on the severity of the offense, the history of previous violations, efforts made to correct the violation, the harm to the victim(s), the likelihood of a repeat violation, and other matters related to each particular case. These actions are taken to protect and promote the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Texas.

Final Disciplinary Action -  Revocation
These actions will be permanently posted on this website. Further information, including a copy of the final order, is available upon written request from our office.
Final Disciplinary Actions - All Other, includRevocationng Probated Suspension, Reprimand, and Administrative Penalty
These actions will be posted on this website for a total of seven (7) years from the date all the terms of the Order have been met, in accordance with our records retention schedule. The regulated individual may now be currently licensed, in good standing, and practicing without any restrictions.

This table contains information on final adverse actions taken by the Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners.

Final Disciplinary Actions - Revocations
Name Level of Licensure License Number City of Residence

Alleged Violation

Disciplinary Action Date of Action
Adams, Jimmie LCSW 13484 Beaumont, TX  22 TAC §781.401 and 781.404-Related to engaging in unethical and unprofessional conduct that discredits the profession of social work, making false, misleading, deceptive and fraudulent claims about services rendered to clients; which include, fraudulently billing Medicaid for treatment never rendered. Revocation 12/4/10
Adkins, Charlotte Sue SWA  S21823 Chandler, TX   Revocation 6/14/96
Bobo, Cynthia Ann SWA S19631 Lorena, TX   Revocation 9/13/96
Burns, Thomas Craig LMSW-ACP S10155 Little Rock, AR   Revocation 2/27/98
Caballero, Felix LBSW S26789 Corpus Christi, TX 22 TAC 781.401
Related to failure to set and maintain professional boundaries
Revocation 9/8/2007
Castro, Patricio SWA S15228 Austin, TX   Revocation 9/15/89
Clifton, Arbry Charles LMSW-ACP S16286 Alvin, TX   Revocation 3/25/95
Cooper, Jackaline LBSW S22831 San Antonio, TX 22 TAC§781.402(a) discrediting conduct 781.402(v) failure to provide info to board , 781.314(a)(1)failure to update board 781.314(2)failure to report criminal case ; 505.451(4)unethical conduct 505.451(5) discrediting conduct 505.451(6) fraudulent representation Revocation 12/3/04
Dean, Conrad K. CSW-ACP S245 Dallas, TX   Revocation 2/15/85
Durben; Caryn SWA S35822 Plainview, TX 22 TAC §781.401(a)(8)regarding professional boundaries; (a)(11) regarding trust with client; 505.451(4) unethical conduct; (5) discrediting conduct; (6) regarding representation Revocation 9/11/04
Fancher, JoBeth SWA S12350 Amarillo, TX   Revocation 3/6/99
Ferguson, Gary LMSW S03948 Grand Prairie, TX   Revocation 9/8/2001
Ferrell, John LBSW S51804 Arlington, TX 22 TAC §781.401 and 781.307-Related to engaging in unethical conduct that discredits the profession of social work by failing to set and maintain professional boundaries by sexually harassing female students. Revocation 3/5/2011
Garcia, Santos LMSW 37153 Roanoke, TX  22 TAC §781.401-Related to engaging in unethical conduct by failing to be responsible for setting and maintaining professional boundaries and failure to make an appropriate assessment. Revocation 3/5/2010
Gonzalez, Miguel A. LMSW S52556 Killeen, TX 22 TAC §781.416-Related to failure to report to the Board within 30 days, of felony arrest.  Revocation 06/04/11
Gunter, James CSW-ACP S11902 Houston, TX   Revocation 8/13/90
Hucks, Willie E. LMSW S01898 Dallas, TX   Revocation 3/25/95
Hughes, Angela M. LCSW S31077 Garland, TX 22 TAC 781.401 Related to providing services while impaired, due to the use of medication, drugs or alcohol, and failing to maintain professional boundaries. Revocation 06/07/08
Ibarra, Ruben LMSW S05276 Lardeo, TX   Revocation 9/9/00
Ibrahim, Patricia LBSW S13265 Fort Worth, TX 22 TAC §781.316-Related to criminal conviction Revocation 12/5/09
Jansen, Michelle R. LMSW S27301 Austin, TX 22 TAC §781.408, 781.411 and 781.412-Related to engaging in unprofessional and unethical conduct by using illegal drugs; failure to inform the Board of an arrest and failure to respond to a request from the Board within 30 days, for information regarding a complaint. Revocation 6/4/11
Johnson, Steven LMSW S35876 Beaumont, TX 22 TAC §781.316 Related to engaging in unethical conduct by failure to submit a written report to the board of your criminal convictions Revocation 9/12/09
Juarez, Dario LBSW S15441 McAllen , TX 22 TAC 781.401 & 781.402 Related to code of conduct and the practice of professional social work. Revocation 3/24/07
Kent, Michelle C. LMSW S16588 Lewisville, TX   Revocation 12/10/94
Klanke, Richard Scott SWA S15238 Houston, TX   Revocation 8/6/90
Laughinghouse, Linda SWA S38882 McDade, TX 22 TAC §781.401(a)(8) regarding code of ethics; 781.402(g) regarding dual relationship Revocation; Probated Suspension 9/11/04
Lee, Walter LBSW S25118 San Antonio, TX 22 TAC 781.404-Related to engaging in unethical conduct, regarding fraudulent claims of the licensee’s qualifications Revocation 3/7/09
Lozano, Grace LMSW S30856 San Antonio, TX TOC §505.451(4,5,6) unethical conduct; fraudulent, discrediting social work practice;
22 TAC §781.401(a)(6) billing; §781.402 (j)(4) billing for services actually rendered
Revocation 3/5/04
Maestas, Patrick SWA S24160 El Paso, TX   Revocation 2/28/98
Malik-Hakim, Kadir LBSW S51082 Pasadena, TX TOC §53.021-Related to criminal history Revocation 8/7/09
Miller, Jennifer LMSW S30882 McKinney, TX 22 TAC §781.316 and §781.602-Related to engaging in unethical conduct by failing to report criminal conviction and providing false and misleading information to the board Revocation 12/5/2009
Navarre, David LCSW S09840 Pflugerville, TX 22 TAC §781.402(g) dual relationship; §781.402(h) protecting clients; §781.401(8) professional boundaries; §781.401(11) trust Revocation 12/4/04
Nowotny, Rosa-Maria LCSW 13427 Elgin, TX 22 TAC §781.212 and 781.602-Related to engaging in unprofessional and unethical conduct by failing to respond to the Board’s request for information regarding a complaint investigation and failure to attend the Board meeting, as requested by the Board. Revocation 12/8/12
Ossom, Christiana LBSW S38524 Corinth, TX 22 TAC 781.307 regarding misrepresentations on the application for licensure Revocation 6/3/05
Pivirotto, Katherine LMSW 55602 Houston, TX 22 TAC 781.201, 781.204, 781.205 regarding failing to set and maintain professional  boundaries, and entering a dual relationship with a client, engaging in sexual contact with a client, and engaging in the exploitation of a client. Revocation 10/23/2015
Rael, Robert LMSW 17470 Cleburne, TX TOC §53.021-Related to ineligibility for license following a felony conviction, due to conviction for the felony offense of health care fraud and money laundering. Revocation 12/4/10
Reese, Mark SWA S32581 Hewitt, TX 22 TAC §781.314(a)(2)(3) required reports by board; §781.401(8) setting & maintaining professional boundaries, §781.401(11) exploiting trust with client; §781.402(f) promoting personal or business activities to client;§781.402 (g) dual relationship, §781.402(u) updating the board with address Revocation 12/5/03
Rice, Louis Earl SWA S2146 Klondike, TX   Revocation 9/5/83
Rives, Terry E. CSW-ACP S9897 Garland, TX   Revocation 3/19/85
Rosenberg, Jeffrey M. CSW S13306 Kerrville, TX   Revocation 5/01/86
Sanchez, Ismael LBSW 31469 Odessa, TX TOC §53.021-Related to criminal history. Revocation 03/10/12
Seel, George Christopher LMSW-ACP S10487 San Antonio, TX   Revocation 4/18/96
Smykay, Steven Edward LMSW-ACP S16153 San Antonio, TX   Revocation 9/23/95
Taylor, Daniel LMSW-ACP S20421 Midland, TX   Revocation 6/5/99
Wade, Kimberly Dawn LSW S27090 Dallas, TX   Revocation 2/28/97
Weinberg, Denise Claire LMSW-ACP S00896 Houston, TX   Revocation 5/14/97
Weiser, Alan J LMSW-ACP S15510 San Antonio, TX   Revocation 2/28/97
White, Pamela LMSW S33951 San Antonio, TX TOC §505.451 (5) unethical conduct §505.451(5) discrediting conduct and §505.451(6)(7)(8) fraud/ fraudulent billing; 22 TAC §781.401(5)(6)(7)(8)(11) regarding code of ethics violations Revocation 6/5/04
Wilkie, Carrie LBSW S39467 El Paso, TX 22 TAC §781.401, 781.406, 781.415 and TOC §505.351-Related to engaging in unethical conduct by misrepresenting your professional credentials, qualifications and associations by altering a license and presenting to employer Revocation 09/12/09
Wilson, Hartwell T., Jr. LMSW-ACP S23186 Texarkana, TX   Revocation 12/14/96
Wilson, Olivia LMSW S18885 San Antonio, TX 22 TAC 781.401-Related to engaging in unethical conduct and engaging in acts that were fraudulent, deceitful and misleading Revocation 3/6/09
Wollard, Sharon LCSW S40780 Houston, TX 22 TAC §781.316-Related to engaging in unethical conduct by failure to report to the board that your license’s in other states had been revoked. Revocation 12/5/09
Workman, LindaLMSW 32430 Wichita Falls, TX 22 TAC 781.212, Relating to failure to update personal information with the Board
22 TAC 781.201, Relating to Code of Conduct
22 TAC 781.210, Relating to Billing and Financial Relationships
22 TAC 781.416, Relating to required reports 
License Revoked
Last updated August 3, 2017