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Education Distance Learning Center

TCID provides conferencing capabilities the various programs stationed at TCID and others who request to use the facilities.

TCID has two-way interactive videoconferencing capabilities in the Distance Learning Center at the Administration Bldg. 501. The Distance Learning Center is available for any HHS program or affiliate.

A large conference facility seating up to 60 participants and containing multimedia connections is located in the Administration Building 501. It is managed by Heartland National TB Center, but is shared with TCID and is also available for other DSHS programs and affiliates. Smaller conference and breakout rooms are nearby and may also be scheduled.

Vending, restrooms and break facilities are also available in the Administration Building 501.

Learning laboratories are equipped for both computer and patient care skills training.

If you need assistance in setting up a conference, would like to schedule use of facilities for your program area, or want information on the designing curriculum contact TCID at (210) 531-4516. Please

provide the following information:

  1. Date and time of your conference (please schedule the room for ½ hour ahead of the actual start of the conference)
  2. The sites to be connected
  3. A technical contact name and number for each site.

This technology works best for educational classes of not more than 4 hours in length - this is not an optimum space for all day meetings.

Note:  Baby or wedding showers, birthday parties, going away parties, holiday lunches or other special event meals, unauthorized exercise classes, study groups, etc., are not considered business purposes and general use. Conference rooms in state office buildings are not be reserved for these types of functions.

Last updated April 4, 2019