Report of Birth Defects Among 1999-2018 Deliveries

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Methods    PDF  
Data Tables

1. Prevalence of Selected Birth Defects among Deliveries to Texas Residents


2. By Year, 1999-2018


3. By Mother's Age


4. By Mother's Race/Ethnicity


5. By Sex of Infant or Fetus


6. Pregnancy Outcome Distribution for Selected Birth Defects


7. Tables R1 through R11, By Region of the State

Appendix A: Denominators Used in Calculating Prevalence (Texas Resident Live Births)  PDF  XLSX
Appendix B: BPA Codes Used to Define the Defects Shown in this Report  PDF  
Appendix C: Glossary  PDF  
Appendix D: Birth Defect Investigations  PDF         
Appendix E: Research Using Data from the Texas Birth Defects Registry and Related Projects  PDF  

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 Texas Regions map


Data Visualizations

Prevalence of Selected Birth Defects by:

You can find data by county on the Texas Health Data website. You can also request data by email or call 512-776-7232.  

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