Continuing Review of DSHS IRB-Approved Research Protocols

Investigators must submit a Continuing Review Application for active research approved by the DSHS Institutional Review Board every one to two years. At the time of DSHS IRB review, reviewers will determine if the protocol requires annual or biennial review if approved.  Most protocols determined to be minimal risk will be considered for continuing review every two years. Notable exceptions that will be subject to annual review are protocols involving Newborn Bloodspot projects and patient contact studies, as well as protocols with Principal Investigators placed on probation for non-compliance. The assignment of IRB approval duration is at the discretion of DSHS IRB and will be re-evaluated at each continuing review.

Failure to submit a renewal application in a timely manner might cause investigators to have to resubmit the full DSHS IRB application or suspend the study.

Process for Submitting Continuing Review Application

  • 2–3 months prior:  TCR staff email investigators a courtesy reminder about continuing review requirements 90 and 60 days before the study's approval expiration date. The investigator is ultimately responsible for maintaining record of their study's approval expiration date.
  • 10 weeks prior:  Investigators submit their draft of the Continuing Review Application to TCR for review 10 weeks before the study's approval expiration date. TCR staff will provide additional guidance for preparing the application as needed. See the Renewal Checklist for a list of required documents.
  • 4 weeks prior:  Investigators submit the final draft of the Continuing Review Application to TCR for review at least 4 weeks before the study's approval expiration date.

For more information on the DSHS IRB application process, visit Confidential Data Request and DSHS IRB Approval Process.

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