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Statutes And Rules

Texas Health Care Information Collection
Center for Health Statistics

The THCIC was created by the 74th Texas Legislature in 1995. THCIC's primary purpose is to provide data that will enable Texas consumers and health plan purchasers to make informed health care decisions. THCIC's charge is to collect data and report on the quality performance of hospitals and health maintenance organizations operating in Texas. The goal is to provide information that will enable consumers to have an impact on the cost and quality of health care in Texas.

On September 1, 2004 the THCIC joined the Texas Department of Health, the Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse, and part of the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation to form the Texas Department of State Health Services. All functions of THCIC continue in the Center for Health Statistics.


Chapter 108, Texas Health and Safety Code.


Chapter 421, Title 25, Part 1 of the Texas Administrative Code.

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