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Comments by Hospitals on Indicators of Inpatient Care in Texas Hospitals, 2011

Austin – San Marcos MSA

THCIC ID: 854400
Hospital Name: Central Texas Rehabilitation Hospital

I have reviewed the ‘Hospital Quality Report’ and have identified several quality indicators that pertain to our hospital that include ‘Accidental Puncture or Laceration’, ‘Iatrogenic Pneumothorax’, and ‘Gastrointestinal (GI) Hemorrhage Mortality Rate.’  From review of these tables, it looks like the time period is from 2011 in which Central Texas Rehabilitation Hospital (CTRH) was a ‘hospital in a hospital’ within Seton Medical Center, and with whom we contracted out these services. I am unclear whether or not the GI mortality occurred during surgery at the short-term acute care hospital or did the patient expire at CTRH after the surgical procedure was completed.

Dallas MSA

THCIC ID:  474000
Hospital Name:   Parkland Health & Hospital System

After reviewing the “2011 IQI/PDI Hospital Review” that was released by THCIC, I noticed a difference in the data reported by ‘Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council’, our THCIC vendor, and the numbers that THCIC are reporting.

After completing research on my own and discussing this with both parties, ‘Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council’ and THCIC, I found out that the likely difference in the numbers being reported for Parkland Health & Hospital System was that THCIC suppresses and excludes records of any ‘sex_code’ that has an ICD-9-CM code indicating drug or alcohol use or an HIV diagnosis.

‘Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council’ does not exclude these records when sending our file to THCIC for submission.

Last updated May 3, 2018