Texas Health Steps Provider Enrollment

To enroll in Texas Medicaid and Texas Health Steps, providers must currently be licensed in the state where the service is provided (NOTE: providers cannot be enrolled if their professional license is due to expire within 30 days of application).

The following provider types may provide Texas Health Steps preventive services within his or her individual scope of practice: 

  • Physician or physician group (MD or DO)
  • Physician assistant (PA)
  • Clinical nurse specialist (CNS)
  • Nurse practitioner (NP)
  • Certified nurse midwife (CNM)
  • Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC)
  • Rural Health Clinic (RHC)
  • Health-care provider or facility with physician supervision including but not limited to a:
    • Community-based hospital and clinic
    • Family planning clinic
    • Home health agency
    • Local or regional health department
    • Maternity clinic
    • Migrant health center
    • School-based health center

In the case of a clinic, a physician is not required to be present at all times during the hours of operation unless otherwise required by federal regulations. A physician must assume responsibility for the clinic's operation.

NOTE: This is brief summary of the enrollment eligibility. For more details, please visit Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership.

Should you qualify, please visit Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership for details about enrolling as a THSteps Provider. A contact list for THSteps Provider Relations Representatives is located on the Provider Information page of the THSteps internet. They are available to assist you through the enrollment process and with questions or issues that may arise after you become a provider.


Last updated June 27, 2016