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Texas Health Trace for Administrators of Local Health Entities

COVID-19 | Coronavirus Disease 2019

This site is intended to provide general information about Texas Health Trace for administrators of local health entities in Texas.

What is Texas Health Trace?

Texas Health Trace is a data management system that will allow for a coordinated statewide approach to the COVID-19 disease response, including contact tracing. It takes into consideration the varied needs of the public and all levels of public health entity disease intervention.

This system is intended to supplement current processes with as little disruption as possible. A synergistic approach to data reporting will aid in providing the most current data to inform decision makers about the health and readiness statuses of jurisdictions across the state.

This will allow for more responsiveness from government officials in guiding Texans to a healthier approach to preventing the spread of disease.

Why is Texas Health Trace necessary?

Texas is experiencing an unprecedented burden on its public health infrastructure due to the response needs of COVID-19. Public health approaches to COVID-19 disease response are varied and have been influenced by the authority and resource capacity of public health partners across the state, including Local Public Health Entities and the DSHS Public Health Regions. This variance in approach, while meeting local needs in the short-term, is not a long-term solution to disease management and outbreak detection.

The COVID-19 disease response presents challenges related to the coordination of case management and contact tracing, maintaining clear delineations of workload assignments and case ownership across jurisdictions, and ensuring that capacity exists across the state to meet the response needs of all COVID-19 cases.

To address the state’s disease management needs at all levels of public health, Texas needs a unified approach to the COVID-19 disease response.

What are the benefits of Texas Health Trace?

In short, Texas Health Trace improves the efficiency and accuracy of disease information management for Texas in a seamless, user-friendly manner. The enhanced communication and coordinated exchange of information will result in higher levels of contact tracing, disease response and testing, containment and prevention, quality assurance, and population health outcomes.

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Last updated October 21, 2020