Proper Remote Birth Access Process

Using the Remote Birth Access (RBA) system is subject to the same process completed by the state.  The following process should be completed every time the RBA system is used.

  1. Customer accurately and completely fills out and submits request application.
  2. Customer submits valid government-issued photo identification.
  3. Local registrar office reviews application for accuracy, completeness, and eligibility.
  4. Local registrar office reviews identification for accuracy and validity.
  5. Local registrar office collects required fee (as agreed in RBA state contract).
  6. Local registrar office has a choice of issuing a copy from their records or using the RBA system to issue copy.
  7. If issuing from the RBA system, employee logs on to the system using their unique ID and password.
  8. Employee locates the requested record and issues copy.
Last updated September 30, 2013