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2018 National Breastfeeding Month

The American Academy of Pediatrics and other health organizations endorse breastfeeding as the best way of feeding infants, and recommend breastfeeding for at least one year or longer. Breast milk is custom-made by each mother, and contains the perfect combination of protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins and minerals, and is packed with disease-fighting substances that help protect the baby from illness. Breastfeeding improves the survival, health, and development of all children, saves women’s lives and contributes to human capital development across populations. Breastfeeding is not only the cornerstone of a child’s healthy growth and development, it is the foundation of a country’s development. A healthy child ensures a nation’s sustained development. 

This August, Texas WIC will celebrate National Breastfeeding Month by adopting the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action’s theme: Breastfeeding: Foundation of Life! The theme focuses on breastfeeding as the foundation of lifelong good health for babies and mothers. 

Suggested Activities:

  1. Have displays/posters and bulletin boards with breastfeeding materials and breastfeeding promotional giveaways in clinics during August. Play breastfeeding videos such as DV0001 -The Mom Team presents: What to Expect From Your New Baby DVD in the lobby/waiting room.
  2. Host a breastfeeding community health fair in the clinic. Set up booths/stations with different activities to highlight and promote the health benefits of breastfeeding for mothers, babies and generations to come. Incorporate Educational Games to engage participants as they learn about the benefits of breastfeeding.
  3. Partner with local community to provide breastfeeding information and activity booths at farmer’s markets or county fairs. Have a breastfeeding shelter/tent for moms at fairs.
  4. Hold a community breastfeeding support group – Discuss the myths and barriers that surround breastfeeding and possible ways to overcome these barriers.
    Staff can:
    a. Refer to the Myths section on breastmilkcounts.com website for talking points and/or,
    b. Possibly use CCNE Lesson: BF-000-31To Baby with Love: Overcoming Breastfeeding Barriers as a framework.
  5. Organize a walk to create awareness and promote breastfeeding culminating in a community event such as Big Latch ON.
  6. Conduct outreach to physicians’ offices to promote breastfeeding. Share breastfeeding promotional materials for consistent breastfeeding messaging as well as promote WIC as a breastfeeding resource for follow-up and continuity of services.
  7. Prenatal education is key! Review your prenatal breastfeeding class/materials with local hospital staff to ensure all moms are receiving consistent information and the best start possible in the hospital.
  8. Conduct outreach activities targeting populations that are hardest hit by health inequities and disparities in your community, and use this platform to promote breastfeeding as a way of bridging the health disparities gap. Identify new community organizations already working with these target populations, and develop relationships/partnerships with them.
  9. Celebrate Black Breastfeeding Week during the last week of August. Visit www.blackbreastfeedingweek.org  for activities that can be done to narrow disparities in client breastfeeding rates and to honor your African American and other WIC participants during this week.

To increase attendance and participation in your National Breastfeeding Month activities:

  • Advertise the event(s) to and invite currently enrolled participants, their support persons, local hospitals and to the entire community.
  • Provide promotional and “give away” items. Example materials include, Sing to me Lullaby CD (stock # CD0030), Breastmilk Storage Guidelines Magnet (stock #13-06-11968/A), and the Every Ounce Counts sticker (stock #13-06-13393).
  • Sample Press Advisory: 2018 NBM Press Advisory.

Additional Information

Last updated April 10, 2018