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ImmTrac, the Texas Immunization Registry, is an important component of Texas's strategy to improve vaccination coverage rates. The registry is available at no-cost. ImmTrac is designed to consolidate immunization records from multiple sources throughout the state and offers many benefits to authorized organizations such as health-care providers, schools, and child-care facilities. ImmTrac allows authorized organizations easy internet access to immunization histories on participating clients, and offers "Reminder" and "Recall" capabilities for clients aged 17 and younger.

ImmTrac has updated its registration and renewal process to an online based form. Please use the online form to register or renew your facility with ImmTrac. ImmTrac site renewal is required every two years.

Minimum Computer System Requirements for ImmTrac:

  • Internet access (HTTPS) – broadband recommended
  • Microsoft Windows XP/Vista recommended; also Win95/98/ME/NT/2000 supported
  • Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater (most recent version recommended)
  • Internet Explorer set to default security settings
  • Internet Explorer set to accept and retain cookie files
  • Internet Explorer text set to "medium" or "small"
  • Adobe Reader 7.0 or higher (most recent version recommended)
  • E-mail address for site/access location point-of-contact (highly recommended)
  • Monitor set at 800x600 resolution or greater
  • CPU clock set to correct date/time
  • Display Properties (DPI) set to "normal" (recommended) 
Last updated May 6, 2014