Vendor Software & Patient Name

The NEW EMS/Trauma Registry system will continue to accept the current file format that you have sent during the past several years. 

The Data Dictionaries for the TRACIT system describe those file formats: Data Dictionaries.  

Every file that our current system accepts is a file that contains a data column for first name and a data column for last name. 

Software vendors have worked with each of you to customize the registry software that you use at your facility. 

Some of you are already submitting names however, if you are not submitting names, then there are three ways the vendors have treated the first name and last name data fields:  1) left it blank 2) inserted a space, and 3) inserted null values. 

Depending upon how your software was set up, you may be able to change your settings to indicate that the file you submit should now be populated with names.  Some customers may need to have the vendor make the necessary changes to populate the name fields. 

Some software vendors have reported that no additional vendor programming is needed to report Patient Name, to see this list click here.


Last updated December 4, 2012