Data Transfer Capability Survey

Newborn Screening Laboratories

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If your facility is part of a larger health organization or university system that shares IT or administrative resources; e.g. Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Harris County Hospital District, VHA, Texas Health Resources (THR), please provide the name and telephone number for the main IT or administrative contact.

Please indicate the types of newborn screens that you collect/submit (check all that apply):

Do you complete the NBS specimen submission form in-house?

Does the area have access to a printer?

Do you currently print labels for these forms?

Does the area have access to a bar code scanner or similar device?

Do you currently have access to the internet?

Please indicate how you would like to access your test results (check all that apply):

Can you initiate a project by March 2008 for HL7 or Web implementation?

Do you have an information systems department in your facility?

Do you have a laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or any data or other system that captures all of the data from the NBS specimen submission form?

Do you have a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) or any other data system that captures part of the data from the NBS specimen submission form?

Will the data need to be obtained from multiple information systems?

Is your system(s) able to export patient record data?

If so, what file formats can the system(s) produce? (Check all that apply)

Are you currently transmitting data outside your facility via HL7?

Do you have the capability to create HL7 transmissions of patient data?

Are your HL7 processes vendor supported?

Are your HL7 processes supported in-house?

If you do not have the capability to transmit data by HL7, how long do you estimate it would take for your facility to implement an HL7 file format solution that includes all NBS specimen submission form fields (even if you do not currently use/collect all fields) and a system to print labels to attach to the NBS specimen submission forms?

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Thank you for participating in the survey!M

Last updated June 22, 2010