Laboratory Services Section - TNSPNP Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is TNSPMP?
Answer: The Department of State Health Services was recently awarded a CDC grant titled "Evidence-Based Laboratory Medicine: Quality/Performance Measure Evaluation" to support a project on developing evidence-based performance measures for newborn screening. This project is called the Texas Newborn Screening Performance Measures Project (TNSPMP). 
Question: What is the purpose of TNSPMP?
Answer: The purpose of TNSPMP is to establish evidence-based performance measures in pre- and post-analytical stages of the newborn screening process in Texas. The project team will be charged with developing and defining performance measures that reveal gaps in providing timely and effective treatment to infants diagnosed with newborn screening disorders.
Question: Why should we have the TNSPMP?
Answer: Performance measurement is a key step in any program management and forms the basis of continued improvement. If proper measures do not exist, the effectiveness of the newborn screening service to families cannot be accessed. Performance measurement results can be used to identify areas where intervention and action is required. It also provides feedback and motivation for continual improvement for an optimum screening program.
Last updated September 16, 2010