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Work Process
Please review the document(s) below and email responses to Cheryl.
Documents for Review
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ZIP Files Zip files will take a few seconds or a few minutes to complete download, depending on the speed of your connection and the size of the file.
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Instructions for viewing ZIP files: Click on the link above and select "Open." After a delay for download, a window will pop open with a list of one or more files. For a single file, click on the file name to extract and openyou're done.
For multiple files, proceed to the following steps: Click on the "Extract" button to open a small pop-up window; navigate the "Folders and drives" list to choose where to save the files on your local computer. (Select the folder icon to the right of the green down-arrow if you need to create a new folder.) Click the "Extract" button in the small pop-up window.
Finalized Documents
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Last updated September 17, 2010