Regulatory Services Division


Retail Foods Program

Mission Statement: To protect the public health through the efficient operation of a comprehensive, progressive retail food protection program focusing on education, training, and oversight, which will ultimately reduce the potential for foodborne illness in Texas  

Retail Food Establishments  P.O.C.  Terry Sheppard


Responsible for providing the citizens of the state with a high level of retail food service protection through the supervision and regulation of retail food facilities having an impact on public health.

Retail Food Safety  Terry Sheppard, Robert Stine, Donald Jirasek, Teresa Wills, Doug Hartfield, Steve Benson, and Linda Klaus

Toxic Substance Control:
Asbestos: Don Wyrick

Foods Group

Regulates the manufacture and distribution of all food, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices in Texas.  Consumers can learn how the Bureau works to protect health and safety.  Industry can find out what regulations affect them and apply for any licenses they may need to operate.

Drugs and Medical Devices 
Food and Drug Licensing 
Retail Food Establishments 
Foods Group
Meat Safety Assurance Unit
Milk and Dairy Group
Seafood and Aquatic Life 

Meat Safety Assurance: Vacant, D.V.M.,  Mark Harwell               
Manufactured Foods: Rebecca Keller, Joe Dixon
Radiation Control                                                                                                                   
Promotes the health of Texans through well regulated, safe use of sources of radiation.

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