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Currently, there is very limited child safety seat assistance in the Houston and surrounding areas.  If families from those areas call the 800- line for assistance, they will be referred to the closest possible location for assistance.  Thank you for your understanding as programs recuperate from the recent storm. 9/01/2017

Welcome to the Safe Riders Traffic Safety Program, sponsored by the Texas Department of State Health Services in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation. Safe Riders provides helpful information about child passenger safety (CPS), including links to related local and national websites. For more information (información disponible en español), please call Safe Riders at 800-252-8255 or e-mail us.

Office Hours are Monday - Friday. Closed Saturday and Sunday .

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An overview of services Safe Riders provides is available.

Child passenger safety VIDEOS

Securing Our Future (Asegurando Nuestro Futuro) is a video that provides basic information about child passenger safety. Designed primarily for parents, it provides an overview of the need for restraining children, types of child restraints and how to use them, and resources for additional information.

Securing Our Future (time: 13:12)

Asegurando Nuestro Futuro (time 11:46)


Last updated September 5, 2017