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Announcing Texas Electronic Vital Events Registrar Project

TxEVER LogoThe current statewide electronic system, Texas Electronic Registrar  (TER), is deployed across registration districts and licensed institutions, including hospitals, birthing centers, funeral homes, medical examiners, and justices of the peace throughout Texas. The electronic birth record component of TER was implemented in 2004, with electronic death registration added to TER in 2006 and electronic marriage applications following in 2008.  While TER is a stable system, it also is aged, both in terms of technology and infrastructure.  Costs to maintain the database, ensure reliability and availability, and meet the state and federal data security requirements for safeguarding protected health information have risen. 

The Texas Electronic Vital Events Registrar (TxEVER) Project proposes to implement a fully integrated and comprehensive electronic vital records system, which will include electronic registration and data collection for birth, death, fetal death, marriage, and divorce. 

One goal of the project is to consolidate the following stand-alone systems into TxEVER: acknowledgement of paternity, suits impacting parent / child relationship, reports of divorce, and adoption and paternity registries.

The registration and data collection of all these vital events will result in providing the following services: issuance, supplementals, verification, information, and adoption services.

The TxEVER Project will implement a new system with a primary goal of improving security and data quality associated with registration vital events and issuance of certified records. To help make this system the best it can be, we ask for your help. This is a unique opportunity to impact the new system.

You can voice your opinions about the new system by taking part in our conference calls, which take place ever Wednesday.  Visit our TxEVER Project Conference Calls page for a schedule of upcoming events.

You may review the TxEVER RFP here.  Information on the TxEVER timeline can be found here.

Your input is valuable in helping make this a great system.  We encourage you to e-mail your ideas and suggestions.

Let’s make this the best vital event registrar for Texas!

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Last updated May 8, 2017