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Robert Garrison, DVM
Regional Zoonosis Control Veterinarian
Gary Johnson
,  713-767-3301
Jael Miller, 713-767-3303 
Brittany Singletary, 767-3300

Mission Statement:

The purpose of the Zoonosis Control Program is to promote the public health through prevention and control of diseases transmissible from animals to man.  The Zoonosis control program works in liaison with local, federal and other state agencies concerned with zoonotic disease control.  The ultimate goal is to reduce the incidence of zoonotic diseases and animal bites in Health Service Region 6/5 South through education, surveillance, and disease reporting. 

Program Overview:

  • Investigate all reported occurrences of zoonotic disease in the Region
  • Rabies exposure assessments and management of post-exposure biologics (vaccine and immune-globulin) with physician’s prescription and valid rabies exposure risk
  • Collect biological samples (mosquitoes, ticks, etc.) for surveillance (West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, etc.)
  • Present educational programs to medical and veterinary personnel, media, government officials, other public health entities, and the general public on the subject of zoonoses and animal control related subjects
  • Provide training courses for animal control officers
  • Regulate animal control facilities where rabies suspects are observed and provide guidance to shelters on sanitation and other public health issues
  • Conduct emerging disease investigations (i.e. Hantavirus, Tularemia, West Nile Virus)
  • Participate in special projects (i.e. Oral rabies Vaccination Program and other disease outbreak investigations)

Rabies Information:

 Texas Parks and Wildlife | Bat Control in Schools

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Last updated December 20, 2017