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The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has a variety of free educational materials available. These materials can be downloaded and printed by clicking on the title below (except for larger posters) or some may still be in stock and available for ordering from the catalog of Forms and Literature or your DSHS Regional Zoonosis Control Offices.

Available Topics

Bats (PDF)
Bats and Rabies Poster for Schools (PDF) (7-39)* Murcielagos y rabia postar para escuelas  (PDF) (7-39a)*
Animal Bites (PDF) (6/2020)
Caring for Your Pet (PDF) (7-28)*
Prevent dengue/Prevenga el dengue (English and Spanish) (PDF) (6-52)
Encephalitis (PDF) (7-7)* Encefalitis (PDF) (7-7a)*
Hantavirus (PDF) (11/2019)
Facts About Plague (PDF) (7-36)* Informacion Sobre La Peste (PDF) (7-36a)*
Rabies/La Rabia (English and Spanish) (PDF) (7/2020)
Rabies Prevention in Texas (PDF) (Contains technical information on pre- and postexposure treatment)
Oral Rabies Vaccination Program (ORVP) (PDF) (7-11)*
The Wild Side of Rabies (PDF) (7-16)*
Rabies and Wildlife (Poster) (7-25)*
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (PDF) (7-24)*
A Guide to the Diagnosis of Tick-Borne Diseases (PDF)
Toxoplasmosis (PDF)  (7-34)*
Murine Typhus (Flea-borne Typhus) (PDF) (7-32)*
Zoonoses (PDF) (7-27)*

* Indicates that copies may still be available for ordering through the HHS Print Shop Forms and Literature.

Posters (Only available from HHS Print Shop)

Forms and Literature
Preventing Dog Bites to Infants (poster) (7-21)
Rabies Poster (vaccination clinics/importance of vaccinations - Spanish) (7-26a)