Health Service Region 1 Training Modules and Presentations

Overview of Public Health (PDF-782k)

Communicable Disease
Bloodborne Pathogens (PDF-627k)
HIV (PDF-525k)
Immunizations (PDF-2,192k)


Community Health Services
Car Seat Safety (PDF-247k)
Dangers of Tatooing and Piercing (PDF-878k)
Desktop Dining (PDF-189k)
Eating Disorder (PDF-2,292k)
Healthy Heart Nutrition (PDF-1,266k)
Less Than a Perfect Relationship (PDF-2,433k)
Local Health Authority (PDF-278k)
Nutrition Myths (PDF-677k)
Safety for Home Visitors (PDF-186k)
Sharepoint for Stakeholder Groups (PDF-864k)
Spinal Screening (PDF-391k)
Suicide Booklet Publication 2014 (PDF-317k)


Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Epidemiology Response Team
Closed Point of Dispensing Overview (PDF-508k)
Family Emergency Preparedness (PDF-1,174k)
JIT Forms (WORD - 242k)
JIT Training and Forms (PDF-1,843k)

Mass Fatalities Overview (PDF- 1,497k)
Nutrition Preparedness (PDF- 454k)
PHEP-Epi Who are we?(PDF-1,691k)
POD Overview (PDF-1,141k)
Shelter In Place Brochure(PDF- 159k)
Strategic National Stockpile Security Overview (PDF-1,296k)
Tuberculosis Best Practices(PDF- 3,000k)
Epi DSHS HSR1 ICU Poster (WORD 143k)

Specialized Health Services
Childhood Lead Poisoning (PDF-238k)
Children and Pregnant Women (PDF-404k)
Personal Care Services (PDF-172k)
THSteps Medical Checkups (PDF-144k)


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Last updated October 28, 2015