Public Health Region 11 Tobacco Prevention and Control Program

Vision Statement:

To dramatically reduce the health and economic toll caused by tobacco use in Texas.


Texas Department of State Health Services, Bureau of Chronic Disease and Tobacco Prevention (BCDTP) is responsible for facilitating a comprehensive approach to tobacco control by:
*Preventing the initiation of tobacco use among young people;
*Promoting quitting among young people and adults who use tobacco;
*Eliminating exposure to secondhand smoke; and
*Identifying and eliminating disparities in diverse and special population groups.

Strategies by which these goals are achieved include: community outreach and health education interventions (including the strategic use of media, education and community mobilization); environmental and policy change; improvement of clinical preventive services for cessation; and surveillance and evaluation.


  • BCDTP staff provides community education through media campaigns, coalitions, and community outreach efforts.
  • BCDTP staff provides educational seminars and trainings on tobacco-related topics.
  • BCDTP staff provides the dissemination of educational materials.
  • BCDTP staff provides a clearinghouse of information on Tobacco Prevention issues. Call toll-free: 1-800-345-8647.
Last updated September 20, 2017