Forms for Funeral Homes and Mortuary Services



Forms for Funeral and Mortuary Services Registrars.
Form Name and Number Microsoft Word PDF
VS100 Requisition for TVS Forms for Service Providers Download (54K doc) Download (70K)
VS-115 Report of Death Download (88K) N/A
VS-142.3 Application for a Certified Copy N/A Download (100K)
VS-142.6 Application for a Verification Letter N/A Download (77K)
Physician Letter From Funeral Home Download (128K) Download (28K)
Texas Electronic Registrar Death Registration Brochure: "What Physicians Should Know" N/A Download (134K)
Letter from Social Security Administration Regarding SSA-721 form Download (28K) Download (309K)
VS-172 Application for an amendment to a Death Record Download (60K) Download (60K)
VS-301 Application for Certificate of Birth Resulting in Stillbirth Download (147K) N/A
VS-271 Application for Disinterment Permit Download (39K) N/A
VS-271.1 Disinterment Consent Form Download (24K) N/A
Last updated October 3, 2013