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To order these or any other Immunization materials, please use our Online Order Form. Some brochures are only available by download.

ImmTrac Brochure for Parents

ImmTrac Brochure for Providers

printer English Printer Friendly VersionPDF icon
(3.6 Mb)

printer Spanish Printer Friendly VersionPDF icon
(4 Mb)

ImmTrac brochure for parents

ImmTrac Texas 
Immunization Registry

Page 1  PDF icon (227 kB)

6-218 Page 1

Page 2  PDF icon (150 kB)
6-218 page 2


ImmTrac Brochure for Adults

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(505 kB)

Stock #11-13539, English side:

ImmTrac Brochure for Adults - side 1 (English)

Stock #11-13539, Spanish side:

ImmTrac Brochure for Adults - side 2 (Spanish)


ImmTrac Poster

Bilingual poster, size: 16 x 20 inches. Printed on both sides: one side English, other side Spanish. Stock #6-202P.

Poster, stock #6-202P, English side: 

ImmTrac 6-202P English poster

Poster, stock #6-202P, Spanish side:

ImmTrac 6-202P spanish


First Responders ImmTrac Brochure

printer English Printer Friendly VersionPDF icon (3.5 Mb) Stock #11-13079

11-13079 page 1    11-13079 page 2

First Responders ImmTrac Poster

printer Printer Friendly Version (8.5" x 11") PDF icon Stock #6-202P

11-13080P First Responders ImmTrac poster

poster size: 22" x 16"

First Responders ImmTrac Wallet Card

printer English Printer Friendly VersionPDF icon Stock #F11-13078

ImmTrac Wallet Card inside First Responders ImmTrac wallet card inside

fold card in half to carry in your wallet 

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Last updated May 6, 2014