Specimen Acquisition

What we do  
The mission of the Specimen Acquisition Branch is to provide excellent customer service by:  
  • accurately processing and accessioning all samples and specimens submitted for testing
  • providing appropriate sample collection supplies and shipping containers to submitters
Specimen Acquisition: Picture of specimens being processed on receipt
The Specimen Acquisition Teams:
  • Screen specimens to verify compliance with specimen acceptance criteria for the test requested
  • Assign unique laboratory tracking numbers
  • Process and deliver specimens to the appropriate laboratory testing area
The Container Preparation Team distributes: Container Preparation: Picture of empty containers being packaged for shipment
  • Newborn Screening Test Kits
  • Supplies for blood collection
  • Collection containers for water samples
  • Shipping containers for specimens*

*Containers are the property of the Department of State Health Services and must not be used for any purpose other than the shipment of specimens to the Laboratory Services Section. Mailing containers and labels meet current Department of Transportation (DOT) and United States Postal Service (USPS) regulations for shipping diagnostic specimens.
Last updated July 22, 2014