Environmental Sciences Laboratory

Principal Texas State Drinking Water Laboratory

What We Do

The mission of the Environmental Sciences Branch is to:

  • Provide reliable, high-quality analytical services.
  • Meet the needs of our customers.
  • Support the mission of the Laboratory Services Section


Chemical and radiological analyses required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Safe Drinking Water Act
  • Support environmental monitoring and regulatory programs through:
    - Physical testing
    - Chemical analyses (organic, inorganic, and metals)
    - Radiological analyses

  • Determine metal content in items such as:
    - Consumer products, toys, jewelry, food, candy, and personal care products

  • Radiological analyses of routine environmental monitoring samples from:
    - State nuclear power plants

  • Analyze drinking water and non-drinking water samples for government agencies, businesses, and individuals using:
    - Physical testing
    - Chemical analysis (organic, inorganic, and metals)
    - Radiological analysis

  • Maintain and staff a mobile laboratory for:
    - Radiological emergency response analyses 


Contact Us

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Environmental Sciences Branch
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Sample Receiving
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