Topic Program Contact Phone
Babesiosis Zoonosis Control Branch 512-776-7676
Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) Center for Health Statistics 512-776-7261
Biothreat - Laboratory Testing Laboratory Services Section 512-689-5537
Bird Diseases Transmissible to Humans Zoonosis Control Branch 512-776-7676
Bird Flu (Avian Flu Strain, H5N1) Zoonosis Control Branch 512-776-7676
Birth Defects Surveillance/Tracking and Research Birth Defects Epidemiology and Surveillance 512-776-7232
Birth Records Vital Statistics 512-776-7111
Birth Statistics Center for Health Statistics 512-776-7509
Blood (Bloodborne Pathogens Regulations) Healthcare Safety Unit 512-776-7676
Bloodborne Pathogens/Contaminated Sharps Injuries Healthcare Safety Unit 512-776-7676
Booster Seats Safe Riders Program 800-252-8255
Border Health Issues Border Public Health, Office of 512-776-7675
Botulism (Foodborne) Emerging & Acute Infectious Disease Branch 512-776-7676
Botulism (Infant) Emerging & Acute Infectious Disease Branch 512-776-7676
Breastfeeding Title V Maternal and Child Health 512-776-7373
Brucellosis Zoonosis Control Branch 512-776-7676
Burns/Fire Data Injury Prevention 512-776-7373800-242-3562