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Zoonosis Control Branch Health Topics


  • Animal Topics
    Various topics related to animals: Animals in Disasters, Animals in Public Settings, Animal Control (including training requirements and availability), Animal Friendly Program, Animal Shelters (including animal euthanasia training requirements and availability), etc.

  • Diseases
    A to Z listing of zoonoses (diseases transmissible from animals to humans) in Texas.
    • Human Zoonotic Disease Data
      Annual case totals of zoonotic diseases from 2000 to the current year.
    • Forms
      Case investigation forms for zoonotic diseases.
    • Chagas Disease
      Information, statistics, testing guidance for medical professionals, triatomine bug submission and testing, and links to educational materials in English and Spanish.
    • Flea-borne Typhus
      Information and statistics about typhus in Texas.
    • Mosquito-borne disease
      Information on diseases transmitted by mosquitoes such as chikungunya, dengue, West Nile, and Zika viruses, as well as malaria.
    • Rabies
      Rabies topics including vaccination, history, protocols, and the Oral Rabies Vaccination Program.
    • Tick-borne Diseases
      Information about diseases transmitted by ticks such as ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease, spotted fever group rickettsioses (including Rocky Mountain spotted fever), and tick-borne relapsing fever, as well as tick submission and testing.

  • Education and Awareness
    Educational programs and training available through the Zoonosis Control Branch and the Emerging and Acute Infectious Diseases Unit.
  • Laws
    Animal Import and Export Requirements; Dangerous Wild Animals; Texas legislation; Texas Administrative Code; etc.

  • Regional Zoonosis Control Offices
    Contact information for DSHS Regional Zoonosis Control Offices.

  • Veterinary Topics
    Topics pertinent to veterinary medical professionals and pet owners, including emergency preparedness, continuing education, responsible ownership, regulations (relating to rabies and disease reporting), animal import and export requirements, and health-care facility guidelines.
Last updated September 24, 2021