The Office of Injury Prevention

The mission of the Office of Injury Prevention is to improve the health of Texans by reducing morbidity and mortality resulting from unintentional and intentional injuries.


Our vision is to continually improve the surveillance of reportable events through the use of the Emergency Medical Services & Trauma Registries (EMS/TR), Texas Violent Death Reporting System (TVDRS), and other population-based data sources, to assess Texas’ data systems utilizing epidemiological principles and public health best practices, and to share knowledge through data dissemination, presentations, and reports for the benefit of public health.


Data Sources: CDC, WISQARS, 2018

Since 2000, injuries have been the leading cause of death in Texas for ages 1-44. In 2018, 44 people died from injuries and violence each day in Texas. The top three injury-related deaths in Texas are due to motor vehicle traffic, firearm, and drug poisoning.


EMS & Trauma Registries

The EMS & Trauma Registries (EMS/TR) is made up of four registries: the EMS Registry; the acute Traumatic Injury Registry; the Traumatic Brain Injury Registry / Spinal Cord Injury Registry; and the Submersion Registry. The EMS/TR is a statewide passive surveillance system that collects reportable event data from EMS providers, hospitals, Justices of the Peace, Medical Examiners, and rehabilitation facilities. Texas is home to one of the largest EMS registries in the United States with more than 3.4 million EMS runs received annually.


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Important News and Updates

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Your questions are important to us. For the most efficient response on EMS/TR data, please email us at Alternatively, you may contact us using our central telephone number at (800) 242-3562.



Texas Violent Death Reporting System (TVDRS)

Linking Data to Save Lives

Frontline investigators including law enforcement, coroners, and medical examiners, collect valuable information about violent deaths. However, these data points are seldom linked in a systematic manner to provide a complete picture of violent death.


The Texas Violent Death Reporting System (TVDRS) collects data from death certificates, coroner/medical examiner reports, law enforcement reports, and toxicology reports into one anonymous database. Data elements collected provide valuable context about violent deaths, such as relationship problems; mental health conditions and treatment; toxicology results; and life stressors, including recent money- or work-related problems or physical health problems. Such data are far more comprehensive than what other collection systems provide. Decision-makers and program planners can use this information to develop and tailor violence prevention efforts.


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Safe Riders

Safe Riders provides helpful information about child passenger safety, including links to related local and national websites.

Program goal

To reduce the number of motor vehicle crash injuries and fatalities to children in Texas who are unrestrained due to family low-income status, Safe Riders manages a child safety seat distribution and education program. The program is available in most, but not all areas of Texas.


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Your questions are important to us. For the most efficient response on the Safe Riders Program, please email us at or call 800-252-8255 from 8:00am - 4:30pm Central time, Monday through Friday.

Child Fatality Review

The Office of Injury Prevention includes child fatality reviews. The Office facilitates the State Child Fatality Review Team Committee (committee). The committee works with local CFRTs to provide recommendations about injury prevention activities such as drowning prevention and motor vehicle safety. These recommendations relate to modifying current legislation, increasing public education, and determining feasibility of strengthening systems.


This committee reports aggregate child fatality data collected by local CFRTs and recommends strategies to prevent child fatalities and injuries. The committee provides recommendations to the Texas legislature and the Department of Family and Protective Services child safety review subcommittee on child protective services operations. The child safety review subcommittee is an internal DFPS committee that meets quarterly to discuss recommendations to improve DFPS practices and prevent child deaths.


The report is made to the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and the Speaker of the House of Representatives no later than April 1 of each even-numbered year. More information on Child Fatality Review can be found here.


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For more information about Injury Prevention in Texas, please contact us at:

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