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Avian Influenza Responder Monitoring

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Avian Influenza Outbreaks:  Monitoring, Initial Case Investigation Form, Laboratory Testing, and Infection Control Guidance for Demobilized Responders


  • Guidance for Monitoring of Avian Influenza (AI) Responders PDF, 523 KB 
    • This guidance is for local and regional health departments in Texas that are monitoring individuals who have been involved with an avian influenza outbreak response.  
  • AI Monitoring Calls Checklist PDF, 328 KB
    • This is a checklist that may be used by regional and local public health departments that are monitoring individuals who have been involved with an avian influenza outbreak response. 
  • AI Demobilized Responder Symptom Tracking Form xlsx, 20 KB
    • This form should be completed by the regional or local health department for any monitored individuals who were involved with an avian influenza outbreak.
  • AI Responder Notification of Travel Form PDF, 342 KB
    • This form should be completed by the regional or local health department for any individual who was involved with an avian influenza outbreak response who intends to travel within the 10-day monitoring period.

Initial Investigation Form

  • Avian Influenza Initial Case Investigation Form PDF, 454 KB 
    • The form should be completed for any person under monitoring (PUM) for avian influenza who develops symptoms.

Laboratory Testing

  • Protocol for Laboratory Testing of Symptomatic Responders who Participated in an Avian Influenza Outbreak Response PDF, 668 KB 
    • This guidance should be used when a symptomatic responder (also called Persons Under Investigation [PUI]) who participated in an avian influenza outbreak response will be tested at a Texas public health laboratory. The guidance covers specimen collection, packaging, and shipping, and recommended laboratory testing.

Infection Control Guidance

Healthcare Settings

For complete and detailed infection control guidance please see the CDC’s “Interim Guidance for Infection Control Within Healthcare Settings When Caring for Confirmed Cases, Probable Cases, and Cases Under Investigation for Infection with Novel Influenza A Viruses Associated with Severe Disease” at

Key Points:

  • Healthcare providers (HCPs), including Public Health and staff at healthcare facilities (HCFs), should use standard, contact, and airborne precautions when dealing with a suspected or confirmed case of infection with avian influenza, including a person under investigation (PUI) for avian/novel influenza.  
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) that should be used by HCPs/HCFs includes gown, gloves, goggles, face shield, and N95 respirator or higher.
    • HCP must be fit tested for N95 masks.
  • When the patient arrives at the HCF, the patient should be placed in airborne isolation (i.e., a negative pressure room or airborne isolation infection room [AIIR]).
    • When outside of the AIIR, patients should wear a facemask to contain secretions.
  • Public health and the patient’s provider should notify the accepting HCF before the person under investigation (PUI) for avian/novel influenza arrives at the facility.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)/Prehospital Care Providers

  • Guidance for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Personnel when Responding to and/or Transporting a Person Who May be Infected with a Novel or Avian Influenza Virus PDF, 103 KB
Last updated March 22, 2022