Directory of DSHS Laboratory Tests and Specimen Requirements

The DSHS Laboratory website contains a wealth of information about the types of testing the Laboratory offers and how to successfully collect and submit the required specimens. That information is categorized and presented in the links below.

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Blue right arrow LabGuide Tutorials

Links to interactive tutorials on Submitting Rabies Specimens to the DSHS Laboratory, THSteps Fingerstick Blood Specimen Collection, THSteps Venipuncture Blood Specimen Collection, and Packaging and Shipment of Blood Tubes. The tutorials are also available in PDF format.  

Blue right arrow Arbovirus Surveillance Techniques

Mosquito specimen collection, handling, and shipment.

Blue right arrow Bacteriology Collection, Transport, and Storage Guidelines

Guidelines for bacteriological specimen collection and submission.

Blue right arrow Clinical Bacteriology Tests

Types of organisms tested, submission guidelines, and test information.  

Blue right arrow Consumer Microbiology

Includes Frequently Asked Questions for water, milk, and food testing.

Blue right arrow Consumer Microbiology Forms and Available Tests

Testing methods for water, milk, and food; water test form.

Blue right arrow Consumer Microbiology Specimen Collection & Handling

Collection and handling information for water, milk, and food specimens.

Blue right arrow From the Laboratory Testing Services Manual:

Laboratory Tests for Diseases/Agents:

See also:

Blue right arrow Molecular and Serological Analysis Group Tests

This page lists the tests performed by the Diagnostic Serology Team. There are links to descriptions of the diseases, as well as links to descriptions of the assays used.

Blue right arrow Molecular Biology Tests

The Molecular Biology Team utilizes PCR-based procedures, PFGE, and serological techniques to identify a variety of human and animal pathogens. There is a link to a list of specimen types and descriptions of the methods used.

Blue right arrow Mycobacteriology Guidelines for Specimen Collection, Transport, Storage, and Submission

Types of specimens tested, collection, transportation, and storage guidelines from Mycobacteriology.

Blue right arrowFrom the DSHS Newborn Screening Program:

Blue right arrow Rabies Testing

Rabies specimen delivery, submission, shipping, and handling guidelines. Test turnaround time, reporting and interpretation of results, emergency testing, Link to Rabies Submission Form.

Blue right arrow Texas Health Steps specimen collection and handling

Suggestions and tips for the collection of whole blood specimens.

Blue right arrow Viral Testing

Testing methods; specimen selection, collection, transport, and handling from the Viral Isolation Team.

Blue right arrow Viral Specimen Collection by Type of Specimen

Blue right arrow Viral Specimen Selection Based on Clinical Symptoms