EMS Personnel Certification and Licensure

The following License Initial Applications/Renewals are now available through Online Licensing System.  

  • Initial ECA Certification     
  • Initial EMT Certification
  • Initial Advanced EMT Certification 
  • Initial EMT-P Certification 
  • Initial Paramedic Licensure 
  • Initial EMS Instructor
  • Initial EMD Info Operator
  • Reciprocity (all levels)  out-of-state certified only, non-Texas certified
  • Renewal ECA Certification
  • Renewal EMT Certification
  • Renewal Advanced EMT Certification
  • Renewal EMT-P Certification
  • Renewal Paramedic Licensure
  • Renewal EMS Instructor
  • Renewal EMD Info Operator
  • Renewal Provider
  • Upgrade applications are available online!

Carefully select the link to the electronic application for your certification or licensure level and type. If you submit the wrong application, your certification/license will be delayed. Expect electronic application processing to take about 4 to 6 weeks. 

Third Party Payments
Currently, EMS Personnel, EMS Educators, and EMD Instructors may use a third party to make payment on their individual license. For all other license types, only the licensee will be able to make payment on their individual license.  Notice of Provider Third Party Pay Option

View online licensing system FAQs

EMS course completion numbers now required when submitting an initial application online: FAQs

If you have questions or need assistance email: EMSCert@dshs.texas.gov