Photo of teenager vaping

Vaping reached epidemic status among teens in 2018, only about a decade after the devices hit the market. Some teens developed severe lung illness after vaping for a short time, while others have suffered burns, seizures and the effects of nicotine addiction. More than 2,700 people have been hospitalized with lung damage. Despite the dangers, vaping continues to grow in popularity. An estimated 5,700 young people start vaping every day!

Some reasons teens vape is because they believe it is safer than smoking cigarettes. Other reasons are:

  • Vaping seems trendy and fashionable.
  • They have friends or family members who vape.
  • They like the variety of flavors.
  • Vaping devices are small and easily concealed.

Millions of teens vape, but research shows most don’t know vaping exposes them to addictive and dangerous chemicals. The more you know about vaping, the better you can help teens avoid its dangers.  

In Texas, an individual must be at least 21 years old to legally buy or own tobacco products, including e-cigarettes or vape devices.

The Texas Department of State Health Services recommends that youth, young adults, pregnant women and all non-tobacco users avoid vaping because of the potential increased risk for viral infection and other diseases. Read more about vaping health risks.

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