Office of Practice and Learning

About Us  

We are the home for the agency's health profession development function, including operating a Preventive Medicine Residency; providing continuing education services for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals; facilitating educational opportunities and internship experiences; and fostering research partnerships. 

Our Mission 

The mission of the Office of Practice and Learning is to develop and strengthen the Texas public health workforce.

Our Services

Continuing Education Program

The CE Program promotes continuous improvement in population health and patient care by providing educational activities for health professionals. 

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DSHS Grand Rounds

Grand Rounds is a lecture series that explores cutting edge public health issues and encourages the adoption of new evidence-based practices.

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Grant Development Center

The Grant Development Center (GDC) provides grant development education and health-related funding information for State of Texas residents. 

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Institutional Review Board

The DSHS IRB is an administrative body established to review, approve and monitor human subjects research involving agency data. 

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Internships at DSHS

Internships at DSHS provide students across multiple disciplines and academic levels the opportunity to engage in real world public health projects and experiences. DSHS hosts interns across the agency on a regular basis.

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Preventive Medicine Residency

The DSHS Preventive Medicine Residency prepares physicians for a competent and rewarding preventive medicine career. 

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Public Health Workforce Training

This centralized hub is where health professionals can find relevant, high-quality, and accessible public health trainings and resources. 

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Texas Medical and Research Library

The Medical and Research Library (MRL) at Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) serves researchers, counselors, and medical practitioners working with the Texas Health and Human Services Enterprise (HHS). The MRL also provides research support and general health-related information to HHS employees, students, other state employees, and members of the Texas public. 

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Texas Public Health Fellowship

The Texas Public Health Fellowship is a one-year paid, training program for individuals early in their public health careers or interested in starting a career in public health. Fellows will receive hands-on experience in public health, professional development, and career guidance. Fellows could come from a wide variety of backgrounds, levels of education, and have varied interests.

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Other Projects

The Office of Practice and Learning engages with various stakeholders to enhance the relationship between DSHS and academia.

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