Texas School Health Program

The Texas School Health Program envisions a Texas where all children are healthy, ready to learn and prepared to make healthy lifelong choices

Our Mission

The Texas School Health Program envisions a Texas where all children are healthy, ready to learn and prepared to make healthy lifelong choices. 

Our mission is to support education and public health partners with impacting school health issues using the "Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child" approach. Evidence shows that when schools address students' health needs, they can improve student performance and ease financial constraints.   

While the Texas School Health Program does not regulate schools, we do provide school health leadership, support, and guidance to Texas school districts. This includes comprehensive school health and safety issues regarding the Whole Child, Whole School and Whole Community by: 

  • Maintaining the linkage between the Texas Department of State Health Services and school districts as it relates to health promotion and chronic disease; 

  • Engaging in collaborative efforts with internal and external partners and stakeholders; 

  • Ensuring infrastructure to provide support to schools; 

  • Serving as the central source for resources and tools in support of school health evidence-based programs, practices and policies; and  

  • Disseminating timely school health-related information and data. 

Texas Guide to School Health Services

As of March 2017, the Texas Guide to School Health Services is web based. It provides resources for school administrators, school nurses, teachers and other staff members to develop, implement and evaluate school health programs. Resources include information on school health services and programs to assist school health personnel. The guide is divided into eight sections to help with navigation. 

Popular Resources

Professional School Nursing
School nurses address the physical, mental, emotional, and social health needs of students

Addressing Students' Special Health Care Needs
Information about laws, rules, and recommended practices for the managing children’s special healthcare and educational needs. 

School Health Office Resources

Information on communicable diseases, environmental health, emergency preparedness, health programming, and medical assistance programs. 

School Health Services 

Information on bloodborne pathogen control, immunizations, medication administration, emergency response, screenings, and student safety. 

Skilled Procedures 

Step-by-step instructions for how to address and perform healthcare tasks in the school setting. 

What We Do

Education & Training
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