Food Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Warehouses

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Related Licenses and Information

This website contains information on the licensure and regulation of food manufacturers, food wholesalers, and warehousing facilities. For information on other topics, please see the program websites listed below:

Regulatory authority has been granted to DSHS, under the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and the Food Drug, and Cosmetic Salvage Act of the Texas Health and Safety Code, to prevent the unlawful manufacture or distribution of adulterated and misbranded food. In addition to the regulatory responsibilities, the focus is directed on food safety and the education of firms that manufacture and wholesale food in the State of Texas.

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Replacement License Document

If you lost your license, follow the steps below to print a replacement document. You will need to know your license number or ownership name.

  1. Visit the DSHS Online Licensing Services webpage.
  2. Click on the “license search” link under the “Check License Status or Search for a License” category.
  3. Select a search method.
  4. Enter the required information denoted by a red asterisk (*).
  5. Click the white checkbox next to “I’m not a robot” under the “Security Measures” section.
  6. Complete the reCaptcha/Security prompts.
  7. Click on the Search button.
  8. Click on your ownership name.
  9. Click the Print button on the lower right side of the screen.

Post this document in the location of your original license certificate.

If you need to update information on your license, email Foods Licensing Branch or Drug & Food Safety Licensing Branch for assistance.

This document does not extend your license expiration date. It maintains the same expiration date as the original document.

Contact Information

For Food Manufacturing / Wholesale / Warehouse Program Inquiries

Email: Manufactured Foods Operations
Phone: 512-834-6670
Fax: 512-206-3790 

For Licensing Assistance

Email: Foods Licensing
Phone: 512-834-6626
Fax: 512-206-3783

Mailing addresses may be found on the contact page.