Licensing of Food Handler Training Programs

Texas requires that many food service employees complete an accredited food handler training course within 30 days of getting a job. These courses train employees on food safety including good hygiene practices, how to avoid cross contamination, and more.  

To ensure people are taught the proper skills, we license the online, private, and classroom food handler training programs throughout the state.  

To apply for a license to be a training program, businesses must submit a course curriculum, a sample food handler certificate, and pay the appropriate fee. A separate application is required for each course curriculum.  

Visit §229.178 Accreditation of Food Handler Education or Training Programs for more information.

FAQs for Food Handler Programs

Frequently asked questions about food handler programs include information on required course topics; processes for media conversions, language translations, and course revisions; and more.  

For additional questions, contact the Food Licensing Group via email or by phone at 512-834-6727.