Animal Control Officer Training Manual

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Texas Laws Section

Chapter 821. Treatment and Disposition of Animals (PDF) (revised 1/22)
Texas Administrative Code 169. Standards for Allowable Methods of Euthanasia for Animals in the Custody of an Animal Shelter (PDF) (1/14)
Chapter 822. Regulation of Animals (PDF) (revised 9/21)
Texas Administrative Code 169. Caging Requirements and Standards for Dangerous Wild Animals (PDF) (revised 9/17)
Chapter 823. Animals Shelters (PDF) (revised 9/21)
Chapter 826. Rabies Control Act (PDF) (revised 9/17)
Texas Administrative Code 169. Rabies Control and Eradication (PDF) (1/14)
Chapter 828. Dog and Cat Sterilization (PDF) (revised 9/17)
Texas Administrative Code 169. Dog and Cat Sterilization (PDF) (revised 9/15)
Texas Administrative Code 573. Sterilization of Animals from Releasing Agencies (PDF) (revised 9/17)
Chapter 829. Animal Control Officer Training (PDF) (revised 9/17)
Penal Codes (PDF) (revised 9/17)


  • 42.09 Cruelty to Livestock Animals
    • 42.091 Attack on Assistance Animal
    • 42.092 Cruelty to Non-livestock Animals
  • 42.10 Dog Fighting
    • 42.105 Cockfighting


Miscellaneous Texas Laws Pertaining to Animal Control (Section Contents) (PDF) (revised 9/17)

Miscellaneous Laws (PDF) (revised 9/21)