Caring for Your Pet

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Caring For Your Pet

Dogs and cats give us companionship, affection, a sense of responsibility, and protection. But too often, they are also known for loud barking, biting, and unwanted puppies, and kittens.

Here are a few ideas to keep your pet healthy, happy, and well behaved.

Spay/neuter your pet

It can help pets live as much as 25% longer because it helps to reduce behaviors such as roaming and fighting.

Also, it reduces the pet population. Shelters in the United State euthanatize an average of 15 million dogs and cats every year.

Train your dog

Approximately 400,000 dog bites occur every year in Texas, and half the victims are children. Training can help socialize your animal to other animals and people.

Leash your dog when out in public

Many cities within Texas require dogs to be on a leash when out in public. Some also have requirements for the care of dogs outside in a yard. This may include that a dog has adequate water, shade, and room to walk. Your dog or cat may also need a license. Be sure to check with your vet or local city authority.

Vaccinate your pet
Texas State law requires that you vaccinate your dog or cat against rabies by a veterinarian. Consult with a veterinarian about the best vaccination schedule.

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