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County Supply and Distribution Tables - Nurse Anesthetists

2018 Nurse Anesthetists by County (3,744) - September

2017 Nurse Anesthetists by County (3,579) - September

2016 Nurse Anesthetists by County (3,422) - September

2015 Nurse Anesthetists by County (3,275) - September

2014 Nurse Anesthetists by County (3,092) - September

2013 Nurse Anesthetists by County (2,874) - September

2012 Nurse Anesthetists by County (2,734) - September

2011 Nurse Anesthetists by County (2,560) - September

2010 Nurse Anesthetists by County (2,390) - September

2009 Nurse Anesthetists by County (2,280) - September

2008 Nurse Anesthetists by County (2,155) - September

2007 Nurse Anesthetists by County (2,008) - September

The parenthetical numbers on this page represent the number of APRNs licensed and practicing in Texas for whom geographic data were available. Inactive or retired licensed professionals were excluded. APRNs were classified as active if the BON licensure renewal file indicated that their license status was “Current,” “Current (Notified for Renewal),” or “Current (Processing Renewal).” Nurses with active licenses may or may not be employed in nursing. APRNs were classified as working in nursing if they indicated that their employment status was “Employed in Nursing Full Time” or “Employed in Nursing Part Time.” APRNs were classified as working in Texas if they indicated that their primary practice state (or mailing address state if practice address was not available) was Texas. Some APRNs certified in Texas may not hold a Texas RN license and thus geographic data were not available for these nurses. Beginning with 2014 data, counts of such nurses are provided in the last row of the linked supply table.

Data from years prior to 2007 may be available.  Please contact TCNWS for more information.

Licensing Board and Data Source

Board of Nursing (BON) - The BON adopts rules to regulate persons wishing to practice as Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) in Texas.

Information regarding the education requirements, licensure requirements, and responsibilities of Registered Nurses and APRNs can be found on the website of the Board of Nursing.


Last updated May 16, 2019