Information for Businesses & Employers

Thank you for visiting the DSHS COVID-19 Information for Businesses & Employers page. This page offers many resources to help keep your organization safe.

General DSHS Guidance

Employers and employees can find information on preventing the spread of COVID-19 below.
Clean & Disinfect Public Spaces (YouTube)
Download the "How to Clean and Disinfect Public Spaces" text alternative (DOCX)

You can help stop the spread of COVID-19 by using our communication tools to share safety messages.
Communication Tools

General Public Health Guidance

Businesses, employers, and employees can find more available guidance for COVID-19 below:

Hand-Washing Video (YouTube)

Hand Sanitizer Video (YouTube)

Note: Third-party videos may not have closed captioning. Alternatively, you can download or print the DSHS Hand-Washing flyer: English | Spanish

DSHS Regulated Entities

DSHS provides guidance and recommendations for entities that fall under DSHS regulation. See:

This page is being updated as new information becomes available.