Information for Communities & Other Specific Groups

Resources for communities and other specific groups on how to respond to COVID-19 can be found below.

To find other local resources and assistance in your community, visit the website.

On this page:

At Home

Find information on what to do at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19:
Improving Ventilation in Your Home (CDC)

Find tips on cleaning and disinfecting your home:
Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Home (CDC)



Childcare programs, K-12 schools, and higher education institutions can find guidance for the COVID-19 response on the CDC and Texas Education Agency (TEA) websites:
CDC Guidance for Child Care & K-12 Schools
CDC Guidance for Institutes of Higher Education (IHE)
TEA COVID-19 Information


Pets & Other Animals

Find information about animals and COVID-19, including guidance for veterinary clinics:
Animals & COVID-19 (CDC)


Activities & Gatherings

Organizations and individuals can find recommendations for activities and gatherings:
Activities & Gatherings (CDC)


Community Mitigation Strategies

Find actions for protecting communities from COVID-19:
Preventing Spread in Various Community Settings (CDC)


Retirement Communities & Independent Living

Find information and resources for planning, preparing, and responding to COVID-19 in retirement communities and independent living environments:
CDC Resources for Retirement Communities & Independent Living


High-Risk Individuals

Find information and resources for people who need extra precautions and/or who are at risk for serious illness from COVID-19:
People Who Need Extra Precautions (CDC) People with Certain Medical Conditions (CDC)


People with Disabilities

Find information about COVID-19 for people with disabilities:
CDC Resources for People with Disabilities


Parents, Pregnant Women, and Children

Find COVID-19 considerations for parents, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children (MIS-C):
Families & Children (CDC)


People Experiencing Homelessness & Homeless Shelters

Homeless service providers and people experiencing homelessness can find resources for planning, preparing for, and responding to COVID-19:
CDC Resources for People Experiencing Homelessness


Correctional & Detention Facilities

Find interim guidance for managing COVID-19 in correctional and detention facilities:
CDC Guidance for Correctional & Detention Facilities


This page is being updated as new information becomes available.